Q&A: Meet Alexa!

Alexa Rose Trovato always knew she wanted to be creative (her initials even spell ART!), but it was only in the past few years makeup has been her method. After opening with Blown Away, her clientele in the Lincoln Park neighborhood has come to know one thing for certain: a face by Alexa is one that can’t be beat!

Alexa with the owner, Laura

Gianna got a chance to chat with Alexa about her passion and how she aims to bring out the beautiful in us all!

GIANNA: At what point did you know that you wanted to pursue makeup professionally?

ALEXA: I knew I wanted to transform something in life. It just kind of fell into my lap, really. I knew I wanted to do something creative, I just wasn’t sure what. My first professional makeup service that I performed I fell in love. That’s when it sparked for me. The rest was history.

GIANNA: Where did you learn the process of doing a professional face?

ALEXA: I’m self-taught for sure. They definitely cover it in theory in cosmetology school, however I just kind of researched, studied and just taught myself online and via social media. I also did house calls at the time – any opportunity I had I seized.

GIANNA: What made you come to Blown Away?

ALEXA: For opportunity. I like that I’m able to be versatile in my skills here and continue to build my career. I love the environment too, of course! My team!

GIANNA: What is the most rewarding thing about being a makeup artist?

ALEXA: I have a background in art and so I love to think of a face as a canvas. I love helping people get to see their highest potential that way. It’s rewarding making people feel good from within and the

confidence that you see when they’re made up.

GIANNA: Who is your professional inspiration?

ALEXA: One of the first books I actually ever read was by Kevyn Aucoin. I remember that he was really known for contouring – of course the Kardashian’s brought it back and it blew up – but that’s when I had first heard of it. He’s always been an inspiration as well as all the artists doing their thing on social media.

GIANNA: Who are a few of your “must-watch” YouTube channels or Instagram accounts that everyone should be following?

ALEXA: I do watch all of the videos by the Kardashian glam squad (Mario Dedivanovic). I feel like right now makeup is very repetitive though. Everybody is kind of rocking the same face and it’s just so typical. I would love to break the mold and bring back the character in people.

Alexa and Gianna at The Makeup Show Chicago 2017.

GIANNA: When you’re looking at a bare face, what is your first thought?

ALEXA: I take a look at which features are beautiful in a person that I want to make more prominent. I want to highlight the features that people love about themselves!

GIANNA: That fits in with Blown Away’s entire mission! We want to help bring out the beautiful in people… no wonder you love it here! 

ALEXA: Exactly! I love working somewhere that believes in that too.  

GIANNA: What trends are you into right now?

ALEXA: I love the whole monochromatic thing that is going on right now. The dewy finish is back in too and I love that J-Lo “esque” kind of approach to makeup—that glossy, glowy second-skin finish. I’m a fan.

GIANNA: What is beauty to you?

ALEXA: Beauty, to me, is more than just an image. It’s an emotion. It’s something that comes from within. It’s your own feeling about yourself and what you reflect out into the world.

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